Epi肺泡 tissues are produced on cell culture inserts by differentiating primary alveolar epithelial cells, 肺内皮细胞和成纤维细胞 using a series of proprietary media. Differentiated Epi肺泡 tissues have a squamous epithelium consisting of Type I and Type II alveolar epithelial cells cultured with extracellular matrix producing pulmonary fibroblasts and endothelial cells. The epithelium exhibits functional tight junctions and a robust barrier that remains stable for studies lasting more than 30 days.

俯视图外肺泡共聚焦图像. Tight junction marker Occludin (green) and nuclei marker DAPI (blue)


                       Epi肺泡 co-culture with THP-1 macrophages, (ALV-100-FT-MAC-PE12)

横断面共焦图像. 上皮细胞标志物细胞角蛋白19(绿色), 成纤维细胞标记物Vimentin(红色)和细胞核标记物DAPI(蓝色)


A part of the funding for the development of Epi肺泡 was provided by the 善待动物组织国际科学联合会.

The Epi肺泡 3D human tissue model is routinely utilized for a range of applications including safety & 风险评估、炎症 & 纤维化和药物输送. Simple protocols and the evaluation of early cellular endpoints allow scientists to acquire data in days, 而不是几周或几个月.


Use Epi肺泡 to determine relative safety and toxicological potential of inhaled substances.




Use of Epi肺泡 Lung Model to Predict Fibrotic Potential of Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes

Hana Barosova安娜G. MaioneDedy SeptiadiMonita沙玛莱提纱Haeni桑德尔Balog奥利维亚·奥康奈尔乔治·R. 杰克逊大卫•布朗艾米J. 剪裁帕特里克·海登Alke Petri-Fink维姬的石头芭芭拉Rothen-Rutishauser. ACS Nano 文章尽快. DOI: 10.1021 / acsnano.9b06860







工具: A standard Epi肺泡 kit (ALV-100-FT-PE12) consists of 24 tissues. (组织“包”包含组织, 培养基250ml, plasticware; contact im体育app for specific kit contents). ALV-100-FT-MAC-PE12, containing THP-1 macrophages is also available.

格式: 12mm Transwell inserts – tissue culture substrate is chemically modified with a pore size of 0.4 μm

文化: 气液界面

组织学: 1-2层细胞-高度鳞状的形态和组织结构.

很多数字: 每周生产的组织批号都有一个特定的批号. A letter of the alphabet is appended to the end of the lot number to differentiate between individual kits within a given lot of tissues. 所有的组织包在细胞方面都是相同的, Medium, 处理, 培养条件, 等.

装运: 4°C,培养基中添加琼脂糖凝胶

装运: ALV-100-FT-PE12 -每周一. ALV-100-FT-MAC-PE12 -每周二.

交付: ALV-100-FT-PE12 – Tuesday morning via FedEx priority service (US). 美国以外地区:周二至周三,视地点而定. ALV-100-FT-MAC-PE12 – Wednesday morning via FedEx priority service (US). 美国以外地区:周三至周四,视地点而定.

保质期: Including time in transit, tissues may be stored at 4°C for up to 3 days prior to use. 但是,不建议延长存储时间. 除了, the best reproducibility will be obtained if tissues are used consistently on the same day.

长度的实验: 组织 cultures can be continued for TWO (2) WEEKS or more with good retention of normal morphology. 面巾纸必须每隔一天用5.0ml维护介质(alv - 100毫米). Cell culture inserts are placed into 6-well hanging culture plates provided (HNG-TOP-6-22).


类型: Normal human alveolar epithelial cells (NHAE); Normal human pulmonary fibroblasts (NHPF), Normal human pulmonary endothelial cells (NHPE) and THP-1 macrophages (ALV-100-FT-MAC-PE12).

基因组成: 多个捐献者

来自: 身体健康,不吸烟

筛选: 艾滋病毒,乙型肝炎,丙型肝炎,支原体


基础培养基: 专有的

生长因子/激素: 表皮生长因子和其他专有因子

抗生素: 庆大霉素30µg / ml

抗真菌剂: 两性霉素b15ng /ml

酸碱指示剂: 酚红

其他添加剂: 专有的

维护中: alv - 100毫米


目视检查: All tissues are visually inspected and if physical imperfections are noted, 组织被拒绝装运

最终用途测试: Transepithelial electrical resistance (TEER) of each Epi肺泡 lot is measured using an EVOM2 epithelial Volthommeter and Endohm electrode chamber (World Precision Instruments).

不育: All media used throughout the production process is checked for sterility. Maintenance Medium is incubated without antibiotics for 1 week and checked for sterility. The agarose gel from the 24-well plate used for shipping is also incubated for 1 week and checked for any sign of contamination

筛查病原体: All cells are screened and are negative for HIV, hepatitis B and hepatitis C using PCR. However, no known test method can offer complete assurance that the cells are pathogen-free. 因此, these products and all human-derived products should be handled at BSL-2 levels (biosafety level 2) or higher as recommended in the CDC-NIH manual, “微生物和生物医学实验室的生物安全,” 1998. For further assistance, please contact your site Safety Officer or im体育app technical service

地段失败的通知: 如果一个组织批次没有通过我们的质量控制或无菌测试, the customer will be notified and the tissues will be replaced without charge when appropriate. 因为我们的QC和无菌测试是在出货后进行的, a notification will be made as soon as possible (Under normal circumstances, TEER故障将在周三下午5点前通知.m.; sterility failures will be notified within 8 days of shipment)


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